Preparation for Mont Blanc 950g
Douceurs Provençales Preparation for Mont-Blanc finish 950g Packaged in a 4/4 tin. The perfect blend of chestnut purée and crème de marrons to...
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Chestnut paste 1kg
Douceurs Provençales Chestnut paste 1kg Packaged in a 4/4 tin. This fairly compact recipe is used to enhance the chestnut flavour and many...
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Chestnut chunks in syrup
Chestnut chunks in syrup 650g net of Douceurs Provençales fruit; Packaged in a 4/4 tin. And why not enjoy them just as they are, with an Earl Grey...
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Candied orange paste 1kg
Douceurs Provençales candied orange paste 1kg. Packaged in a 4/4 tin. This paste is made from finely chopped candied oranges mixed with sugar,...
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